Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Film Festival

What an awesome experience I had last weekend at the 6th annual Oxford Film Festival! It was my first and it will not be my last. The weekend began on Thursday night with the Martinis on Ice Art opening. There were so many people there, including my mom, aunt, and cousin. I drank moonshine martinis all evening and then on to the after party for the film fest. Many apologies to Thad for missing his movie that opened the festival. Friday started with the film The Beekeepers and then a great film Rattle Basket! Wow, was I pleasantly surprised by the moving story of sisters and friends that are growing up and ignoring the process. Felt a bit like my life, but the movie has a much better soundtrack. After the movie, I stayed for the Q and A with the director/producer Thomas Phillips and he was great, too! I asked about the title Rattle Basket and he said that it was named after a trick the Egyptians used on slave children to work on the pyramids. They would fill the laden work baskets with rattles and the children would think of the work as play. I had never heard of this and immediately I got the connection, very nice. Then it was time to see Prom Night in Mississippi and then to the after party at the Powerhouse. Late nights persisted with time spent with T (Texas) W (Women) A (Art) T (Travelers) who steamed up some tamales and provided Texas Beer and Wine!!! On to Saturday where I saw another great film Luke and Brie on a First Date. Very funny and commendable on portraying an absolute bitch of a girl and a very nice guy. Next was a sneak peek at Craig Brewer's new Mtv project $5 Cover. Then off to Ajax with the ladies for some grub and drinks. The awards program began at 9 and the Lyric was packed with festival goers and townies. Dj Lober started the tunes and the dance party commenced! Beer Pong, free booze, and lovely goodbyes happened at the party house where the weekend ended for most of us at 5am. What a lovely time!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Is insanity being happy that graffiti is written with proper punctuation when you expect it to be incorrect?