Wednesday, September 23, 2009

May need a bit of change

It was brought to my attention that I rarely update my blog (thank you Sandy) and my response was that I didn't think anyone really read it. Whether that is the truth or not has been on my mind lately. Between what I do all day and into the evening, I rarely have a chance to check my e-mail or Facebook, even with my I-phone. Not really a tragedy unless there are work items involved. So, I decided to dedicate more time to it and give focus to the blog. I promise that my life is really not so spectacular that you would want to read about it, well, actually some may, but I am not about to put those type of things out for public consumption. If you want the real dirt you should just call me and catch up.

Here is the thing...
According to my dear friend Evie, I am a beauty product whore. I will buy any product (within my budgetary constraints) that has interesting packaging, bold logos, quirky typography, or is generally advertised to me. Back in the day, when we saw each other more often on trips or in the dorm, she would benefit from my more than quirky habit of trying something, just for the sake of proving an advertisement wrong or being delightfully surprised, or if it was on sale. She wasn't being mean, she actually loves that about me, and still does. It's 2009 and I am still a product whore. If one were to peek into my shower right now I have 5 different types of hair conditioner, 3 different types of shampoo, 4 body washes, 4 face soaps (2 bar and 2 liquid), and one type of razor. (Well, the search is over on that one. We all know you get your monies worth with razors.) That, my readers, is what you will find in my shower. I have a plethora of other goods stuffed underneath the sink, in a travel case, crammed into cabinets where towels should be, and in a plastic Tupperware tub underneath the guest bed. I have old Clinique bags, old vanity cases filled with this crap, too. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, I hope.

That being said, I felt that it would be more entertaining to write about my finds with these products. Sharing my ups and downs with the old and new products that come in and out of my life would definitley be worth typing away furiously rather than droning on about my escapades as me. I may even use a metaphor or two just for funzies.

I will begin (I am waiting on a student who "needs to talk to me about her class work.”).

The Tried True:
Products With Which I Will Stick or Have Stuck With for Longer Than Usual

The Aforementioned Razor: The Gillette Venus
$7 for a 3 pack-yes I use disposable ones-shut it-I recycle like hell otherwise
What? 3 out of 5 stars? What-ev. For what it costs and what it does I give it 5 stars. Not that I am some bizarrely hirsute woman or anything, but I've been shaving my legs and pits since I was roughly 11 years old (for all of the math whizzes that is 23 years). I've been through some razor hell. I also lived in Scotland where finding a decent affordable razor was difficult for my student ass. Contact lens solution was about ₤7 and the exchange rate then was $1.85 to ₤1. I was hairy but I could see.

Aquafresh brand toothpaste
Well, it could be the 3 patriotic stripes that hit the T.V. ads back in the early 1980's that first reeled me in. I remember asking for it at the Jitney Jungle when I was shopping with my mother and 4 siblings on the weekly Thursday after-school grocery trip. I've tried others since and I find that I like the tingly, foamy, not too minty, just right feeling of tongue against tooth with the Extreme Clean line. I was originally intrigued by the clear plastic packaging back in the early 2000's (is that how to write it?) and then I saw the tube in a friend's bathroom while I was taking a break from the festivities of an Oxford, MS late night back in the early days of graduate school. Silver, sleek, and could be placed upside down and balanced on the countertop. I was all over that and still am to this very day. I have 3 varieties by my toothbrush at home. I alternate between the Extreme Clean, White and Shine, and The Advanced Enamel Lock. I have purrrttty teeth.

Must stop for now. Student never showed and I must use the ladies room. Going for social time with friends around 8 and need to change out of Professorial gear and into something better suited for martinis.

Until then be on the lookout for new posts. I hit the Bath and Body Works Outlet and bought some Patricia Wexler face crap. Boy, do I have tales to tell.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What a difference a weekend makes

In one fell swoop my good intentions and stamina with the "Flat Belly Diet" jump-start diet went from this mantra:

to this on Friday night (last day of the 4 day diet):

and this today:

what was it that Scarlet O'Hara said about tomorrow?