Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 months down the toilet

My physical existence since Thursday November 5, 2009 began as a mix of pain, pain medications, brain candy, bruises, black eyes, 2 splints, frustration, and general mental havoc. Now, after 4 months, I can do more, feel more, and am still attending hand therapy 3 times a week (which has saved my soul from spiraling into a dark abyss). The fractures have healed but nerve damage occurred due to my oh so graceful head-over-heels and landing on my noggin fall down the stairs at Meek Hall. I've developed this rare and irritating disorder called RSD/CRPS. So, I've been busy taking care of myself, primarily focusing on getting back my grip (with my hand and with my life).
In that vein of recovery, I shall catch up on my product testing and revelations I have had over the past months, where my "life as usual" changed to a new life that is most unusual.

Cleaning the toilet.

Cleaning the toilet is a chore better left to a Samantha nose twitch. This house hold task ranks in the TOP 5 ass-aching duties as a person who has been self-diagnosed as somewhat OCD (before the brain candy, mind you. Lately, I just really don't care, unless company is coming over.) I have since learned that one handed toilet cleaning is a total bitch, worse that Endora. Enter my attempt to make the toilet clean by itself, the Scrubbing Bubble Way. I purchased the Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning System that has both scrubbing pads and touch up pads. This system is quite useful when you have one hand and nimble toes (I had to hold the pads in place with something). Now that I have the use of my hand again, it is still a useful system and I really like how it works. Big thumbs up! In the interim of marathon toilet scrubbing, I tried the stick-on Toilet Cleaning Gels. Well, this item was hard to assemble with one hand, and nimble toes couldn't help this time. Eventually, I got it working and stamped it into both toilet bowls. Using the disc in the most used bathroom worked well. The less used toilet didn't fare as well. A friend asked if the greeen circle on the toilet bowl was for aiming. By appearances, it could be a guide for the wary urinator. When the dot dissolved away, I didn't restamp. Using the touch-up pads was much easier.