Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Been a busy bee-moved house and am preparing for a rush of events for the new year. One in particular will be fantastic! On February 5th there will be an art show and martini party in honor of my work and the work of my new friends and colleagues, Brooke White and Lou Haney! 4 floors of martinis and deliciously inspired prints, photos, and paintings! The same weekend we will get to spend time with directors and producers of films we chose for the Oxford Film Festival! Hoorah! February 23rd (a painful day in the calendar of my life-the day my father passed away) my first solo show at the University since graduate school will open at the University Gallery and I will give a lecture on the work on March 3rd. To follow that I will be in Chattanooga for Evonne's wedding and then I may (fingers crossed) be in Venice Italy for the opening of Brooke's photo exhibit during the Spring Holidays. In April I will be jurying a show for St. Louis Community College at Wildwood and curating a print show at the Good Citizen Gallery in St. Louis. I think there is a conference in Chicago mixed in there, too. I will have to look at the calendar. Whew. My stomach is churning from all of the excitement and anxiety. Maybe I should find some good meds to help me through this.

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