Friday, July 23, 2010

The true story of Maxwell and Debbie.

At Po-Co Book Club (that's the Post Colonial Book Club) back at the end of June, Debbie (local bad-ass and one of my favorite women of ALL time!) asked me what brand of coffee I brewed for the meeting. She liked it and wanted to try it on her husband Paul (who is also a total bad ass). I told her the truth, it was Maxwell House. Shocker, I know, right? It's good, really good, and the stay fresh lid may have something to do with it, not sure, but probably. The handle is nice, too. I wonder if I should keep the containers, fill them with sand and make myself some new work out dumbbells? hmmmm.
Regardless, I found a new go-to coffee. There are some silver linings in the dark clouds of temporary poverty.
Try some next time you run out of your typical java bean.

Fun trivia:
Maxwell House was originally brewed by Kraft Foods for the Maxwell House Hotel inNashville, Tennessee.

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Will Cooley Fan Club said...

You flatter me well beyond sensibility! Thanks, Katherine!